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Kindergym is a movement program for children aged five years and under. 

InMotion Academy’s Kindergym program ensures infants can experience a wide range of movement activities and be encouraged to think, create, construct and solve problems with their own bodies.

Adults are encouraged to accompany their child throughout each lesson to support their learning and have fun together.

GymFun is just that. FUN!

In GymFun, we focus on the fundamental movement patterns that will help kids to then progress into more advanced skills or activities. 

The activities in GymFun are safe and encourage kids to work with others, cooperate and build self-esteem.

GymFun is our most sought after gymnastics program.  

Kids involved in GymSkills will improve their fitness but keeping fun in the mix is a priority. 

GymSkills, provides the opportunity to increase Kids confidence and competence in movement; preparing them for a wide range of other sports and activities.

Classes involved all apparatus – vault, bars, beam and floor along with trampoline work, strength and flexibility programs and various other exercises to give your child a full, all-around program.

Little Ninjas a fun! fast paced! high energy! class specifically designed for boys and girls aged 3.5 – 5 years.

Learn how to direct  energy into body awareness and develop strength, co-ordination, gross motor and social skills.

In GymFun the question may be “was the landing good”, in little Ninja the question is likely to be “was that as far, high or as fast”  Always in the envelope of safety.


Our venue provides a fun and stimulating environment for children to explore with a supervising adult.  Ideal for home schooling or just to have some fun time out out of the house.

Fitter for Life is a fun and social opportunity for seniors that aims to help you improve your mobility, strength and coordination; the activities in the program can be catered to you and tailored to your level of ability or mobility.  This programme is either run at the club or are senior facilities.

The GymAbility program provides participants with experiences that will enhance all abilities and, in particular, target the development of physical abilities.  Depending on the needs of the participant either the sessions or activities in the session are tailored to meet the individuals requirements.

One-On-One Gym

This is for people that for one reason or another want to have a coach to themselves to learn a particular skill or they find our group classes not suitable.  Some of our coaches also has qualification is rehab and exercise science.

Fit-Nastics is specifically aimed at the older child who wants to keep fit, build their strength and flexibility.

Perfect for those who aren’t looking to learn more than the basics of gymnastics but do want to increase their fitness, strength and flexibility. 


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Fees are charged monthly in advance of attendance (We are not school term based).
  • Fees are based on the length of the session (Note: These fees are for our public recreational classes, with group ratios of up to 12 children to a single coach. Fees differ for privately booked classes and events).



45 minutes


60 Minutes


90 Minutes


120 Minutes


  • All enrolments require an electronic payment method.
  • Fees are automatically charged to your preferred billing method on the 1st of each month, which is an advanced payment for that month’s classes (class rate x how many sessions are in that given month).
  • Our system automatically detects when classes are not running (e.g. due to public holidays) and adjusts payments accordingly.

Fees On Enrolment

Upon enrolment, the fees are calculated until the end of first the month. E.g. If you register for a Monday Class in the middle of the month, the system will count the number of non-public holiday Mondays between the start date and the end of the month and will bill you for this amount plus the Annual registration.

Annual Registration Fee

This fee covers your child for insurance and membership to Gymnastics Australia and Gymnastics Western Australia.  This expires on the 31st of December each year and is payable annually. The gymnastics governing body and their insurer does not allow pro-rata fees and once paid, In Motion Gymnastics registers your child to the national database. This ensures that if you choose to attend another Gymnastics Australia affiliated club within the year, the insurance will follow your child to that club.  As this insurance and membership expires at the end of the year, the registration fee will be billed to your account to cover your child for that coming year, at the beginning of each new year you continue with the club, this will occur in January of the new year.

Monthly Fee Processing

On the first of the month following your enrolment and each subsequent first of the month, fees will be calculated and charged to your preferred payment method.  This takes into account public holidays and other days the gym may not be open.  E.g. If you enrol in a Monday class, at the beginning of the year there are many public holidays and the system knows not the charge for these days.  When the system successfully processes your payment a receipt is sent to your email.  You can see statements on the parent portal. This payment method rolls over automatically on the first of each month until you would like to stop, in which 30 days notice is required in writing to cease the automatic payment system and finalise your account.

Failed payments

If your preferred payment method declines our transaction you will be automatically notified and we will send you a statement showing you the outstanding amount. The system re-processes failed transactions three business days after the first of the month please ensure your account has sufficient funds to avoid additional transaction fees.  The transaction processing company and your bank may charge additional fees for declined payments, in addition In Motion Gymnastics reserves the right to recover the cost of processing late fees and debt collection.

Suspension due to payment failure

If we have not received payment or come to an arrangement about payment by the 15th of the month you will receive an email requesting you to pay the outstanding fees before your child attends their next class.  We consider this action a last resort and will have attempted to contact you before this happens.  If you are having problems paying your bill please call us.  Note this does not reduce the requirement to give us 30 days’ notice of your intent to drop the class. 


What is the difference between Ninja and Gymfun?


Both programmes use the same gymnastics based equipment, with some variations of how its used.


The GymFun programme is based on the Gymnastics Australia’s Launchpad programme.  Participants learn the body shapes, gymnastics terminology, balance and fundamental movement skills in a fun and supportive environment.


Ninja or Gym Warriors is based on Gymnastics Australia Free-G program.  The focus is on speed and efficiency of movement rather than perfection of skill.


What is Gym Warrior?


Gym Warriors is the new Gymnastics programme from Gymnastics WA and is a rebrand of the Ninja Programmes.  At In Motion we use both terms as the association with Australian Ninja Warrior is helpful to get children involved. 


What to wear:

Children should wear clothes that they are comfortable exercising in. This may include sportswear such as shorts or leggings and a singlet or t-shirt. They may also wear gymnastics or dancing attire such as a leotard or training crop tops and bike shorts. Please no dresses, skirts, jeans or belts as this is a safety hazard when on the equipment. Please ensure children attend their class with jewellery removed and hair tied up. Shoes and socks will be removed prior to the class beginning and placed in a pigeon hole provided.

What to bring?

Please remember to bring a drink bottle, shoes to wear upon entry and exit of the premises and any medically required resources (such as asthma puffers).

What happens if I forget my drink bottle on the day?

Due to the current and ongoing Covid 19 restrictions, we are unable to allow gymnasts to drinking directly from our chilled & filtered water fountain, and to that end the bubbler section has been disabled.  Shared cups are also discouraged as are single-use disposable cups.  We are more than happy to let or assist gymnasts re-fill their water bottles should they run out during their session.

We encourage all gymnasts to bring a water bottle to their session, however, should a gymnast not have a water bottle, t In Motion will provide a 500ml water bottle at a cost of $2 and this cost will be added to your next fee.


Do I have to stay for the duration of my child’s class?

For classes with children aged 0-4 years old’s (e.g. Kinder Gym and Free Play), parent/guardian participation in the class is required, so a caregiver must remain for the entirety of the class. However in classes for children aged 4+ (e.g. Gym Fun and Ninja), parents are not required to stay. If you and your child are comfortable, we generally encourage parents not to stay for the duration of the class due to limited parking and viewing space.


Unfortunately, there is limited parking at the venue. Out of respect to our neighbours, please ensure that you are not parking in their designated car parks during their opening hours (7:00 am – 4:30 pm, this is particularly important for our classes running in the morning/throughout the day when caregiver participation is required). These parking bays are indicated by signage from Lasting Impressions (indicated by the red square to the left side of the image) and the car parks behind the white bollards from Suburban Smash Repairs (indicated by the red square to the right side of the image).

Parking is available out the front of our venue (blue square in the image), you are also able to park along the street and grassed areas out the front of the complexes (yellow in the image), or if you don’t mind a short walk, there is some additional parking in various locations around the block. If you and your child are comfortable, we generally encourage parents not to stay for the duration of the class due to the limited parking (where caregivers are not required to participate). Child safety is our number one priority, please ensure that children are always supervised in the car park and whilst crossing the road.



After you have enrolled in a class (not a trial) your child will stay enrolled in that class until you notify us in writing that you would like to stop.  The parent portal can be used to request a transfer to a different class or to drop a class. 

We require 30 days’ notice to drop any class and the system will calculate the end date of your enrolment.

Each gymnast can have one make-up session per month if we are notified of the absence at least 4 hours before the scheduled class.  The make-up token is generated automatically when the roll is taken in the session and the gymnast is confirmed to be absent.  This token is then available for use to come to another suitable session.  This session does not have to be the same type of class, for example, your child can come and try a ninja class even though they are enrolled in Gym Fun.

All normally scheduled classes run during the school holidays.  We may run additional holiday programs during school holidays and as members, you will be given priority notice before opening them up to the public.


We do not open the gym on public holidays.  All fees are calculated to ensure that you do not pay for public holidays.  This means the Mondays have many days where there is no classes in the beginning of the year.

We will endeavour to provide your session with a suitable coach at all times.  If we are unable to do this for some reason like sudden illness or an accident we will reschedule the lesson. 

If your child cannot attend the rescheduled lesson then we will provide additional makeup tokens, If for some reason we cannot reschedule the class then we will credit the class to your account.


For the safety and enjoyment of others, InMotion’s rules are as follows:

  • Gymnastics training area is restricted to athletes and staff only.
  • Gymnasts must wait in the foyer area until called for their class.
  • Spectators must not distract gymnasts or coaches during a class – all queries must be directed to reception.
  • Children not participating in classes are not permitted on the equipment at any
  • Chewing gum is not permitted in the gym area.
  • Food or drink is not permitted near the equipment.
  • Sports drinks, cordial, or fizzy drinks are not permitted in the gym training area. WATER ONLY.
  • NO mobile phones to be used during training sessions.
  • Gymnasts with long hair must have it tied away neatly from face and eyes.
  • Jewellery may not be worn during class – for the protection of participants and equipment. Including body piercings. Please tape up for your protection if you cannot remove them.
  • Nails must be kept short, and make up (if worn) must be kept minimal.
  • Parents must inform coaches of any medical conditions relating to their child.
  • Gymnasts must behave appropriately and follow the rules of participation as set out by the coach. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Gymnasts must be collected by parents/guardians from inside the gym.
  • Non-participating children remain the responsibility of the parent/guardian at all times.
  • Parents must not go on to the gymnastics floor at any time.
  • These rules apply to athletes, parents, guardians, non-participating children, coaches and volunteers

InMotion Academy is committed to providing a sport and work environment free of discrimination and harassment (sexual or otherwise), where individuals are treated with respect and dignity. InMotion Academy  will not tolerate discriminatory or harassing behaviour under any circumstances and will take disciplinary action against anyone who breaches this Policy.

InMotion Academy is committed to ensuring that the safety, welfare and wellbeing of children is maintained at all times during their participation in activities run by InMotion Academy. Accordingly, any person involved in the instruction, management or coaching of any member under the age of 18 years may be asked to undergo screening procedures including police and other probity checks.

This Policy applies to all members of InMotion Academy, ie employees, officers, administrators, volunteers, coaches, judges, and athletes. This Policy applies equally to all members of the club.

This Policy applies to behaviour occurring both within and outside the course of InMotion Academys business, activities and events, when the behaviour involves Members and negatively affects relationships within the InMotions Academy’s sport and work environment.

Discrimination and all forms of harassment are unlawful under Federal, State and Territory law. People engaging in such conduct can have legal action taken against them under these laws. In some cases, legal action can also be taken against the organisation for which they work or represent. For this reason, InMotion Academy has a legal responsibility to ensure that discrimination or harassment does not occur in the course of any InMotion Academy’s activities.

The law is always the minimum standard for behaviour within InMotion Academy and therefore any criminal offence will be reported to the appropriate authorities.


It is unlawful to treat anyone unfairly on the basis of various attributes or personal characteristics in key areas of public life.

A Member must not treat a person less favourably than another person on the basis of an attribute (such as race, sex, age, marital status, sexuality, pregnancy or intellectual or physical impairment) than someone else without that attribute in the same or similar circumstances.

Indirect discrimination is also unlawful. This means that a Member cannot impose a requirement, condition or practice that is the same for everyone, but which has an unequal or disproportionate effect or result on articular groups. Unless this type of requirement is reasonable in all the circumstances it is likely to be indirect discrimination, even if there was never any intention to discriminate.

Harassment can take many forms but can generally be defined as unwelcome verbal or written comments,  conduct or gestures directed toward an individual or group of individuals that the harasser knows, or should reasonably be expected to know, is insulting, intimidating, humiliating, malicious, degrading or offensive.

Sexual harassment is behaviour that has a sexual element, which is unwelcome and could reasonably be expected, in the circumstances in which it occurs, to offend, humiliate or intimidate the person or people at whom it is directed.

A Member must not engage in any form of harassment, including:
• Written, verbal or physical abuse or threats;
• Unwelcome physical contact;
• The display of offensive materials;
• Promises or threats in return for sexual favours;
• Unwelcome sexual comments, jokes or propositions;
• Homophobic comments or behaviours; &
• Jokes or comments directed at a person’s body, looks, age, race, disability,sexuality, marital status or pregnancy.

Intimate Relations
InMotion Academy takes the view that intimate sexual relationships between coaches and athletes, while not necessarily constituting unlawful harassment, can have harmful effects on the individual athlete involved, on other athletes and coaches, and on the sport’s public image.

Because there is always a risk that the relative power of the coach has been a factor in the development of such relationships, InMotion Academy takes the position that such relationships should be avoided by coaches working at all levels.

Should a sexual relationship develop between an athlete and a coach, InMotion Academy will investigate whether any action against the coach is necessary. If InMotion Academy determines that the sexual relationship is inappropriate, action may be taken to terminate the coaching relationship with the athlete. Action may include transfer of the coach or, if this is not feasible, a request for resignation or dismissal from employment or coaching duties.

In the event that an athlete attempts to initiate an intimate sexual relationship, the coach must take personal responsibility for discouraging such approaches, explaining the ethical basis for such action.

The law is always the minimum standard for behaviour within InMotion Academy and therefore sex with a minor, of either the same or the opposite sex, is a criminal offence and will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

A Member must not subject any person to victimisation. Victimisation means subjecting a person, or threatening to subject a person, to any detriment or unfair treatment because that person has or intends to pursue his or her right to make a complaint or support another person in making a complaint against another person.

Child Protection
Members must not employ or engage a person (whether paid or unpaid) to coach or otherwise supervise a child under the age of 18 years without first:

  1. Requiring that person to disclose whether or not he or she has been convicted of a serious sex offence
  2. Conducting a police or other appropriate probity check on that person. A Member must notify the appropriate authorities (such as the Commission for Children and Young People WA) of:
    1. Any applicants for employment that the Member rejected as a result of risks
      identified through screening processes
    2. The name and other identifying details of any person against whom relevant
      disciplinary proceedings have been completed by the Member in relation to child
      abuse (sexual or otherwise) irrespective of the findings.

This section specifies the roles and responsibilities of all Members. In some cases, particular classes of Members have the additional roles and responsibilities that are also specified below.

All Members
A Member must:
a) Comply with this Policy;
b) Make complaints about a breach of the Policy in accordance with the InMotion Academy’s Complaints Handling Procedure;
c) Submit to the Complaints Handling Procedure if an allegation is made against that Member;
d) Not make any frivolous or vexatious claim that another person is in breach of this Policy;
e) Conduct themselves in a proper manner so as not to bring that Member, InMotion Academy or the sport generally into disrepute.

Administrators must ensure that the organisation he or she is employed or engaged by:
a) Provides and promotes an environment free from discrimination and harassment
in relation to its employment functions, its membership eligibility and any supply of
goods and services;
b) Makes this Policy readily available, upon request to an administrator, and provides
accurate information in relation to the Complaints Handling Procedure;
c) Encourages reporting of discrimination, harassment or child abuse, regardless of
who the offender might be and that appropriate training is provided to those who
manage and implement this Policy;
d) Deals with complaints in an impartial, sensitive, timely and confidential manner.

Coaches must:
a) Comply with the Coaches’ Code of Ethics (incorporated in the Technical Membership Handbook from time to time);
b) Understand and respect that as a coach he or she has considerable power and authority over athletes and should not abuse it;
c) Avoid intimate relationships with athletes;
d) Not exclude or treat less favourably any athlete from playing or coaching activities
on the basis of an attribute or personal characteristic;
e) Avoid focussing on an athlete’s disability unless this is the only way that the coach
can find out what adjustments the athlete requires.

Judges must comply with the Judges’ Code of Ethics (incorporated in the Technical
Membership Handbook from time to time).
InMotion Academy has developed a Complaints Handling Procedure and will deal with any complaints about breaches of this Policy promptly, seriously, sensitively and confidentially. In Motion Gymnastics recognises that natural justice is the minimum standard of fairness to be applied in the investigation and adjudication of a complaint.

Disciplinary action will be taken by InMotion Academy against anyone who:
a) Is found to be in breach of this Policy;
b) Victimises or retaliates against a person who has complained of a breach of this Policy;
c) Is found to have made a frivolous or vexatious complaint.

The discipline will depend on the severity of the case and may involve an apology, counselling, suspension, dismissal or other form of action.

InMotion Academy’s administration responsible for implementing this Policy will keep confidential the names and details relating to complaints, unless disclosure is:
a) Necessary as part of the disciplinary or corrective process;
b) Required by law.

Procedural Steps
InMotion Academy undertakes to deal with any complaints of a breach of the Member Protection Policy promptly, seriously, sensitively and confidentially. At any stage, it is the prerogative of the Complainant to proceed with, or dissolve, a complaint.

Should a complaint arise, In Motion Gymnastics encourages the Complainant to consider the following options:
a) Approach the person creating the problem and ask him or her to stop the behaviour;
b) If the behaviour continues, or it is not possible to approach the person, contact either: Coach or Head Coach; or The Club’s Member Protection Contact Officer

Member Protection Contact Officer
If the Complainant decides to proceed, the Member Protection Contact Officer refers the matter to a designated person in authority for investigation.

External Resolution
If the complaint is not resolved, the Complainant may make a written complaint to an
external organisation for mediation or arbitration. This can be done with the support
of the Member Protection Officer.

If the complaint is upheld, a remedy will be prescribed by that external organisation.

All fees payable in advanced of attendance.  If a gymnast is found to be attending when their account is not in credit, the parent will be called to collect their child from the venue.  In Motion Academy will not discuss the reason with the children.

​In Motion Gymnastics does NOT refund fees.   If a class is cancelled a substitute class will be offered or there will be a credit issued to your account. Should you elect to remove your child from a program within the gym prior to the end of a term then the term’s fee is forfeited and a refund will not be given.

All members are required to submit 30 day written notice if their child wishes to cease their training at the club.

If a gymnast is going on a holiday outside of the scheduled holidays parents need to advise the club and their child’s coach. No refund/credit will be given for this time away from the club without prior permission from the manager.

For an extended illness of more than 3 days then a doctor’s certificate is required. Presentation of this certificate will then entitle you to a 50% credit on your account for the period stated.

Overdue accounts more than 15 days will result in suspension of the gymnast until the fee is paid in full. All accounts/invoices etc. are handled by the Accounts Administrator so should you have any queries please speak to her.

Your privacy is important to us. It is In Motion Gymnastic’s policy to respect your privacy regarding any information we may collect from you across our website, https://inmotiongymnastics.com.au/ , and other sites we own and operate.

We only ask for personal information when we truly need it to provide a service to you. We collect it by fair and lawful means, with your knowledge and consent. We also let you know why we’re collecting it and how it will be used.

We only retain collected information for as long as necessary to provide you with your requested service. What data we store, we’ll protect within commercially acceptable means to prevent loss and theft, as well as unauthorised access, disclosure, copying, use or modification.

We don’t share any personally identifying information publicly or with third-parties, except when required to by law.

Our website may link to external sites that are not operated by us. Please be aware that we have no control over the content and practices of these sites, and cannot accept responsibility or liability for their respective privacy policies.

You are free to refuse our request for your personal information, with the understanding that we may be unable to provide you with some of your desired services.

Your continued use of our website will be regarded as acceptance of our practices around privacy and personal information. If you have any questions about how we handle user data and personal information, feel free to contact us.

This policy is effective as of 1 August 2020.

In Motion Gymnastics takes great pride in the presentation and representation of the club. The requirements set out below are also in place to protect clients and yourself from injury due to wearing incorrect attire whilst training or coaching.

The following uniform requirements have been endorsed to ensure all members of our team:

  • wear the appropriate attire to participate in activities safely;
  • are easily identified as staff members of In Motion Gymnastics
  • represent our club in a positive and professional manner.


During training, the uniform requirements for Coaches are:

  • Club polo shirt, making sure it is always clean and void of any stains. One shirt will be provided at no cost, if you require further shirts, please see reception.
  • The other option is to wear a black singlet, with the clubs’ badge embroidered onto the left side. The singlet will be at your own cost.
  • Black shorts (not too short), leggings or pants – NO DENIM
  • During winter, coaches are able to wear their Club tracksuit, Club hoodie, or a black windcheater, with the club’s logo embroidered onto the left side. You may also wear a black skivvy underneath your shirt.
  • Socks and runners or bare feet
  • Only studs or sleepers are permitted whilst coaching
  • Long hair must be tied back neatly

During competition, Coaches are required to wear:

  • Club polo shirt
  • Club tracksuit/pants/shorts
  • White/black socks & runners
  • No excessive jewellery
  • Long hair must be tied back neatly


During employment, administrators are required to wear:

  • Club polo shirt, making sure it is always clean and void of any stains. One shirt will be provided at no cost, if you require further shirts, please see Emma
  • Black shirt or blouse with the clubs’ badge embroidered onto the left side
  • Black shorts (not too short), or black pants – NO DENIM
  • During winter, administrators are able to wear their Club tracksuit top, Club hoodie, or a black windcheater, with the club’s logo embroidered onto the left side. You may also wear a black skivvy underneath your shirt.
  • White socks & runners or flat shoes. NO HIGH HEELS
  • No excessive jewellery
  • Must be well dressed
  • Neat hair



Judges are required to wear the uniform specified by their respective Technical Committee.



Volunteers who help with the day to day running of the Club and in public for promotional work will be provided with one Club Polo shirt to be worn neatly on these occasions. This may be required to be returned at the end of the shift.



Particpants in Kinder Gym, Gym Fun & Freeplay programs are required to wear:

  • Comfortable clothing i.e. T-Shirt and Shorts (must be close-fitting or tucked in, no hoods on tops)
  • Bike pants & crop top
  • Leotard
  • Hair tied back neatly
  • Socks are required for trampoline, but are not to be worn for gymnastics.
  • Only studs or sleepers are permitted to be worn


Participants in Gym Skill Programs are required to wear:


  • Training – Club leotard or club bike pants and crop top
  • Free dress – leotard or crop set
  • Competition – Club leotard, polo shirt, club tracksuit
  • White/black socks & runners
  • Hair must be tied back neatly
  • No jewellery to be worn


  • Training – Club leotard and shorts or singlet and shorts
  • Competition – Club leotard, club shorts, club longs, polo shirt and club tracksuit
  • White socks & runners
  • Hair must be tied back neatly
  • No jewellery should be worn


Free-dress (within reason) is allowed on Saturdays for those who coach, train or work at reception. This means, coaches and athletes can wear clothing of their choice eg a gymnast can wear a non-club leotard if they wish.

Inappropriate t-shirts are NOT allowed and all clothing should still be close fitting without hoods and the no jewellery rule applies all of the time.


Electronic communication is essential for sharing club news and information with our members. Our communication will be timely, appropriate and related to club business. This policy applies to all persons who are involved with the activities of In Motion Gymnastics, whether they are in a paid or unpaid/voluntary capacity.


We use a range of electronic tools to communicate with our members.

Our communication will protect members’ privacy, maintain clear boundaries and ensure that bullying and harassment does not occur. We have a webmaster who has been appointed to provide accountability and control over material published on our club’s website and any related discussion groups or social media websites, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter.


Our website will include current information on competitions, social events, policies and achievements of our staff and athletes.

  • No offensive content or photos will be published.
  • If we intend to publish a photo of a child, we will first seek permission from his or her parents and take care not to provide identifying information.
  • We will seek feedback from members to improve the information available on the site.

SMS and email

Administrators and coaches may use SMS and email to provide information about

  • SMS messages should be short and about club/team matters
  • email communication will be used when more information is required
  • communication involving children will be directed through their parents 


General – Everyone

As a member of In Motion Gymnastics, all persons are required to comply with our Member Protection Policy. All persons must meet the following requirements in regard to their conduct during any activity held by the Club.

  1. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of others.
  2. Be fair, considerate and honest in all dealings with others.
  3. Be professional in, and accept responsibility for, your actions.
  4. Make a commitment to providing quality service.
  5. Be aware of and maintain an uncompromising adhesion to In Motion Gymnastics’ standards, rules, regulations and policies.
  6. Operate within the rules of the sport including national and international guidelines, which govern In Motion Gymnastics.
  7. Do not use your involvement with In Motion Gymnastics to promote your own beliefs, behaviours or practices where these are inconsistent with those of In Motion Gymnastics.
  8. Demonstrate a high degree of individual responsibility especially when dealing with persons under 18 years of age, as your words and actions are an example.
  9. Avoid unaccompanied and unobserved activities with persons under 18 years of age, wherever possible.
  10. Refrain from any form of harassment of others.
  11. Refrain from any conduct that may bring In Motion Gymnastics or the sport of gymnastics into disrepute.
  12. Provide a safe environment for the conduct of the activity.
  13. Show concern and caution towards others who may be sick or injured.
  14. Be a positive role model.
  15. Understand the repercussions if you breach, or are aware of any breaches of this code of conduct.

Parents, Guardians & Supporters

As a parent of a participant in any activity held by or under the auspices of In Motion Gymnastics, you must meet the following requirements in regard to your conduct during any such activity or event: 

  1. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of others.
  2. Remember that your child participates in sport for their own enjoyment, not yours.
  3. Focus on your child’s efforts and performance rather than winning or losing.
  4. Never ridicule or yell at your child and other children for making a mistake or losing a competition.
  5. Show appreciation for good performance by all participants (including opposing participants).
  6. Demonstrate a high degree of individual responsibility especially when dealing with or in the vicinity of persons under 18 years of age, as your words and actions are an example.
  7. Respect officials’ decisions and teach children to do likewise.
  8. Do not physically or verbally abuse or harass anyone associated with the sport (participant, coach, judge, etc).
  9. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every young person regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.
  10. Be a positive role model.
  11. Allow fellow parents the respect they deserve in their viewing or involvement in their child’s participation.
  12. Be aware of the repercussions that any breaches of this code of behaviour may incur.


In addition to General section, Participants must meet the following requirements in regard to your conduct during any activity held or sanctioned by In Motion Gymnastics, and in your role as a participant in any activity held by or under the auspices of In Motion Gymnastics:

  1. Play by the rules.
  2. Give your best at all times.
  3. Participate for your own enjoyment and benefit.
  4. Never argue with an official. If you disagree, have your coach or manager approach the official during a break or after the competition.
  5. Be frank and honest with your coach concerning illness and injury and your ability to train fully within the program requirements.
  6. At all times avoid intimate relationships with your coach.
  7. Verbal abuse of officials, sledging other participants or deliberately distracting or provoking an opponent is not acceptable or permitted behaviours in any sport.
  8. Co-operate with your coach, team-mates and other participants.
  9. Abide by the rules and respect the decision of the official, making all appeals through the formal process and respecting the final decision.
  10. Be honest in your attitude and preparation to training. Work equally hard for yourself and your team.
  11. Co-operate with coaches and staff in the development of programs to adequately prepare you for competition at the highest level.
  12. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.


In addition to General section, Judges must meet the following requirements in regard to your conduct during any activity held or sanctioned by In Motion Gymnastics, and in your role as an official appointed by In Motion Gymnastics to present a professional image and to judge objectively and accurately. 

  1. Place the safety and welfare of the athletes above all else.
  2. Understand and abide by the Judge’s Oath.
  3. Be fully conversant with the FIG Code of Points and/or any other published rules and regulations pertaining to the standard of gymnastics being judged
  4. Actively maintain technical knowledge through ongoing review of the Code of Points, technical publications, rules and event participation.
  5. Attend all pre-competition judge’s meetings
  6. Dress in a tidy fashion benefiting the status and image of a judge
  7. Be punctual for all official events
  8. Avoid the use of derogatory language
  9. Be prepared to counsel athletes and coaches regarding the athlete’s performance after competitions
  10. Be a current Technical Member of Gymnastics Australia and Gymnastics Western Australia.
  11. Dress in the standard judge’s uniform for competition
  12. Be prepared for the competition by having all personal judging equipment and accessories readily available and by being conversant with the apparatus and exercises
  13. Be co-operative with competition organisers, floor manager announcers and jury and head judge.
  14. Be quick and accurate in determining scores
  15. Be co-operative in judges’ conferences and assist the head judge to arrive at the final score
  16. Be prepared to justify scores in a judge’s conference
  17. Be consistent, impartial and objective with making decisions.



In addition to General section, Coaches must meet the following requirements in regard to your conduct during any activity held or sanctioned by In Motion Gymnastics and in your role as a coach appointed by In Motion Gymnastics: 

  1. Do not tolerate acts of aggression.
  2. Provide feedback to participants in a manner sensitive to their needs. Avoid overly negative feedback.
  3. Coach within the limits of your competence as a Coach.
  4. Recognise participants’ rights to consult with other coaches and advisers. Co-operate fully with other specialists (for example, sports scientists, doctors and physiotherapists).
  5. Treat all participants fairly within the context of their sporting activities, regardless of gender, race and place of origin, athletic potential, colour, sexual orientation, religion, political beliefs, socio-economic status and other conditions.
  6. Encourage and facilitate participants’ independence and responsibility for their own conduct, performance, decisions and actions.
  7. Modify the training programme for injured athletes based on appropriate medical advice, when required.
  8. Involve the participants in decisions that affect them.
  9. Encourage participants to respect one another and to expect respect for their worth as individuals regardless of their level of participation.
  10. Ensure that the tasks and/or training set are suitable for age, experience, ability and physical and psychological conditions of the participants.
  11. Ensure any physical contact with participants is appropriate to the situation and necessary for the participant’s skill development.
  12. Be acutely aware of the power that you as a coach develop with your participants in the coaching relationship and avoid any sexual intimacy with them that could develop as a result.
  13. Avoid situations with your participants that could be construed as compromising.
  14. Actively discourage the use of performance enhancing drugs and the use of alcohol, tobacco and illegal substances.
  15. Do not exploit any coaching relationship to further personal, political or business interests at the expense of the best interest of your participants.
  16. Accept and respect the role of officials in ensuring that competitions are conducted fairly and according to established rules.
  17. Know and abide by rules, regulations and standards, and encourage athletes to do likewise. Accept both the letter and the spirit of the rules.
  18. Be honest and ensure that qualifications are not misrepresented.
  19. Maintain or improve your current NCAS accreditation.
  20. Seek continual improvement through performance appraisal and ongoing coach education.
  21. Honour the responsibilities given to a coach by keeping all relevant qualifications up to date
  22. Work to ensure your athletes’ time spent with you is a positive experience.


In addition to General section, administrators must meet the following requirements in regard to your conduct during any activity held by In Motion Gymnastics and in your role as an administrator of in Motion Gymnastics:


  1. Not disclose to any other person confidential information, other than that agreed to by management, or as required by law.
  2. Act honestly and in good faith at all times.
  3. Involve people in planning, leadership, evaluation and decision making related to the activity.
  4. Give all people equal opportunities to participate.
  5. Create pathways for people to participate in sport, not just as an athlete but as a coach, referee, administrator etc.
  6. Provide quality supervision and instruction for junior participants.
  7. Remember that people participate for their enjoyment and benefit. Do not over-emphasise awards.
  8. Help coaches and officials highlight appropriate conduct and skill development and help improve the standards of coaching and judging.
  9. Ensure that everyone involved in the sport emphasises fair play and not winning at all costs.
  10. Remember, you set an example. Your conduct and comments should be positive and supportive.
  11. Support implementation of all policies of In Motion Gymnastics.
  12. Make it clear that abuse in any way is unacceptable and will result in disciplinary action.
  13. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.

In Motion Gymnastics requests permission to for photographs and videos of all gymnasts to be taken by In Motion Gymnastics for the purposes of management, coaching, skill development & marketing.

In Motion Gymnastics will not identify persons will full names in a published image unless approval has been obtained.

In Motion Gymnastics Management and Staff will endeavour to ensure that photographs and videos published on the In Motion Gymnastics website and other publications reflect the diversity of the organisation and its members.

In Motion Gymnastics is concerned with the health and wellbeing of its members, and as such will exclude images that may be deemed offensive or unflattering. Furthermore, In Motion Gymnastics will not actively publish imagery which suggests the use of
tobacco, alcohol or prohibited drugs.

In selecting photographs and videos for use in In Motion Gymnastics publications and other publications, In Motion Gymnastics shall not intentionally expose any person to hatred, ridicule or contempt.

Images collected by In Motion Gymnastics are the property of the Association and individuals contained in such images has no ownership rights of such images. In Motion Gymnastics retains the right to use members’ images in publications and promotional material.

Photographers authorized to sell images, may place images with members names and or numbers on their websites to enable members viewing and purchase. Such sites are not for general public viewing.

In Motion Gymnastics permits parents, guardians and immediate family members to take photographs and video from the spectator area at In Motion Gymnastics events of their athlete only.

Parents, friends, coaches, judges and the like will not be permitted to take images from the competition floor.


Gymnasts have one makeup token available to them per month. If you are away for any reason as long as you have given us 4 hours notice and a makeup token will be generated for you.  This will be sent via email after the rolls have been processed. The token can be used for another class.

The management of In Motion Gymnastics is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for its employees and anyone entering upon its premises or with connection to the club’s business operations.

In demonstrating Management’s duty of care, we will make every reasonable effort to provide a working environment that minimises incidents of risk or personal injury, ill health or damage to property. This includes:

  • Providing employees with appropriate training.
  • Providing safe equipment and systems of work
  • Regular consultation on health and safety issues

A safe working culture is the responsibility of everyone and this can be best achieved through cooperative efforts of employees. A safe culture will be reinforced through:

  • Continually identifying, assessing and controlling possible risks to the health and safety of people that may arise in the workplace.
  • The provision of information concerning such risks and the promotion, instruction, training and supervision of employees to ensure safe work practices.
  • Giving employees and customers the opportunity to participate in health and safety decisions that affect them.

In the interests of maintaining safety, contractors, employees, visitors and customers are required to observe and comply with all health and safety standards and rules produced. This includes any safety signage or warnings, or instruction given by any club employee whilst on our premises.

All staff, contractors, employees, visitors, customers and  are responsible for the health and safety of themselves and that of all other staff, contractors, employees, visitors and customers.  We are required and empowered to ensure staff, contractors, employees, visitors, customers and athletes do not perform unsafe practices and speak up to prevent such practices.

All incidents, accidents and injuries are to be reported to the General Manager as soon as possible and the situation has been made safe and injuries have been dealt with.

In Motion Gymnastics is responsible for ensuring a safe environment is provided for all involved in the activities that the club offers. In carrying out our duty of care, one of the key areas that attention is given to is the area of facilities and equipment.
In Motion Gymnastics is committed to providing a safe environment through ensuring all facilities and equipment utilised are safe, well maintained and used according to their design, purpose and manufacture specifications. This will be achieved through:

  • Carrying out regular equipment safety checks.
  • Implementation of an annual equipment acquisition, maintenance, replacement scheme.
  • Providing appropriate training to staff, volunteers and members with respect to the set-up, use and storage of equipment.



  • Ensure that appropriate equipment safety procedures are implemented.
  • Ensure that all staff/volunteers are provided with appropriate training.
  • Ensure that equipment maintenance/replacement is considered within the annual budget.

General Manager 

  • Monitor the day to day use of equipment by coaching staff and members.
  • Ensure that regular equipment safety checks (see Equipment Safety Checklist) are carried out at least once per quarter.
  • Alert the Managing Director of any equipment requiring maintenance/replacement at next meeting.
  • Monitor the day to day use of equipment by all staff and members.
  • Provide appropriate induction on appropriate usage of equipment and club facilities.


  • Monitor the day to day use of equipment by members.
  • Alert the General Manager of any equipment requiring maintenance/replacement.
  • Educate and empower members to utilise equipment in an appropriate manner.

Any concerns regarding apparatus repair or replacement should be address by coaches,  to General Manager at any time.

If the matter is urgent any staff member volunteer or visitor can verbally acknowledge their concern to General Manager or/and Director.

In Motion Gymnastics recognizes that First Aid and immediate injury management are important in the prevention and treatment of injuries at the time they occur. In many cases the incorrect initial management of injuries can have serious consequences. The importance of having appropriate mechanisms for initial injury management is highly valued.

  • In Motion will ensure adequate first aid supplies is available at all times.
  • First aid supplies will be checked each fortnight by the General Manager to ensure that all items are available and within the appropriate date.
  • All technical coaches will be first aid trained at a level appropriate to their responsibilities and technical requirements.
  • All sessions will have at least one qulified Senior First Aider in attendance.
  • An injury report will be completed by the coach and signed off by the General Manager for follow-up.
  • Injury reports will be scanned and stored digitally.
  • All members with special medical needs or require equipment should supply this with the athletes name and instructions clearly labeled each session they attend.
  • If special training is required then the member wll have to arrange a meeting with the General Manager to discuss and create an aquate management plan for the athete.

In Motion Gymnastics is committed to the planning and training of all members in emergency management, ensuring that all reasonable steps are taken to maintain the safety and welfare of all members at all times.
In demonstrating Management’s duty of care, we will make every reasonable effort to provide a working environment that minimizes incidents of risk or personal injury, ill health or damage to property. This includes:

  • Establishing emergency management and evacuation plans;
  • Providing emergency facilities;
  • Informing those affected about actions for protecting themselves

Coaches need to ensure that they are familiar with all emergency procedures.

Remain calm.

The most senior coach present will assume the role of fire warden and delegate someone to:

  1. Check toilets
  2. Phone the emergency services, stating:
    • Name & position
    • Location Unit 3, 11 Comserv Loop Ellenbrook
    • Emergency type
    • Casualties/Unaccounted people
    • Assistance required; and
    • Known hazards
  • If the fire is small, the fire warden may fight it with a fire extinguisher.
  • If the fire is large, very smoky, or rapid-spreading, evacuate the building immediately.
  • Assess the situation and decide on the safest exit, taking a tablet with you for the role.
  • Move members quickly in an orderly manner to the designated assembly across the road on the lawn, closing doors behind you.
  • Alert the Fire Brigade.
  • Seat members and call roll. Report any missing persons to the fire warden or attending Fire Officers.
  • Do not re-enter the building until directed by the Emergency Services.
  • Attend to those in need of first aid.
  • Report incident to General Manager fill in incident report, follow incidents procedures and follow up risk management procedures

In the event of an injury occurring whilst attending gymnastics, the following procedure MUST be followed:

  • Ensure the rest of the class is safe ( do not leave them unsupervised).
  • The most senior qualified First Aid personnel must attend the injured person and assess the nature of the injury/give directions regarding necessary treatment.
  • If the injury is not serious, administer first aid and notify the parents at the conclusion of the class.
  • If the person is seriously injured, do not move them unless there is a life-threatening danger (i.e., falling debris, fire, explosion). Stay with them and keep them as calm and comfortable as possible.
  • A responsible person should be requested to contact the parents and inform them of the situation, trying not to alarm them unnecessarily. If the parents cannot be contacted, the coach has the discretionary right to call an ambulance, stating:
    • The nature of the injury.
    • Address & Phone number you are calling from.
  • Complete an “Injury Incident Report Form” immediately the training/competition concludes, ensuring all details are filled in.
  • Ensure that all witness details available are completed.
  • The attending Coach signs the completed report and submits to the Head Coach for verification and signing off.
  • General Manger scans the injury report to the correct folder.

In the event of an unauthorized person attempting to remove a child from the club premises, the following procedure must be followed:

  • Remain calm.
  • Staff to remove the child from the immediate area of the unauthorized person.
  • Do not attempt to apprehend or interfere with the unauthorized person, except in case of self-protection.
  • If possible, get a good description of the person. Note height, weight, sex, color, approximate age, clothing, method and direction of travel, and name if known. If the criminal is entering a vehicle, note the license number, make, model, color, and any other outstanding characteristics.
  • Telephone the police/parents.
  • A full written report is to be forwarded to club management as soon as possible.



In the event of the Club being under siege, the following procedure must be followed:

  • Remain calm.
  • Remain with the children at all times.
  • Protect children from possible dangers. Do not aggravate the perpetrator.
  • Alert emergency services if opportunity arises, and is SAFE to do so.
  • Evacuate children and staff ONLY when it is safe to do so.
  • When emergency is over, contact club management immediately, who will call all parents.
  • A full written report is to be forwarded to club management as soon as possible.

In the event of a child missing from the club, the following procedure must be followed:-

  • Ensure the rest of the class is safe (do not leave them unsupervised)
  • Check immediate areas, including all inside, outside and adjoining areas.
  • Telephone child’s parents to check/inform of their whereabouts
  • Telephone Police and provide:
    • Child’s name
    • Address
    • Time noticed missing
  • A full written report is to be forwarded to club management as soon as possible.

The Director is responsible for overall emergency plan policy is been implemented.
General Manager make sure staff is educated and promptly informed of the emergency procedures.
General Manager is to organize trainings for emergency situations.
Most senior coach in the gym is to be warden officer at a time of emergency.
All other staff shall exactly follow emergency procedures

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